We Make Stories - info for parents

Welcome grown-ups. We created this page to tell you everything you need to know about We Make Stories and membership.

We Make Stories, from Puffin UK, is a collection of digital tools for children to use to design and create exciting stories. There is one free tool with others available for members and only members can save and share their stories via the We Make Stories gallery.


Keeping children safe is our major concern. Members will be able to choose a user name which is the only identification that will be available on the site. While we do ask for an email address this will not be made visible anywhere on the site. Children can save stories into a moderated gallery and can email links to these stories to others.

Technical controls have been built into the tools to prevent insertion of potentially offensive words. If you have any concerns or comments about Online safety please email parents@wemakestories.com. We encourage parents to get involved in the children's online activity - more information on how to do this can be found here http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/


At Puffin we believe that storytelling is an important skill which aides in the development of a child's literacy. The tools here have been designed to promote a range of storytelling skills and give children confidence in their ability to create stories. There are currently six different storytelling tools available with the possibility of further tools being added in the future.