We Make Stories - About The Games

Comic Genius

Lets you make and publish your very own comic. Create crazy characters, write captions and add a load of fun stuff to tell your story. Then save your comic to your bookshelf, print it out or email it to all your friends.

Treasure Map Maker

Choose from Pirate Island, Deep Sea World or Outer Space then tell the story of how you found your treasure. Simply drag and drop objects onto the map, then use your imagination to describe each step of your journey. Where will you bury your treasure?

Telling Tales

Will show you how easy and fun it is to produce a masterpiece. With a little help from a friendly magician make choices to create your own story. Save it to your bookshelf or email it to all your friends.


He's a loud boy who likes to make a lot of sound. With this story, you can make lots of noise too! Drag sounds onto the characters or record your own. Select different narrators to read the story, then save it to your bookshelf or send to a friend.


Follow Bluey on a journey into the world of POP! This is the palce to go if you want to see your pop-up stories spring into life as you create them. Print your own pop-up story book at home or share it online with friends and family.